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Brighter Futures (Qld) is a registered NDIS provider offering Supported independent Living supports to People living with a disability. We are different from a lot of providers as we focus on accommodation with the belief that our homes are the most important place for us all to feel safe, secure and maintain our independence. 

Brighter Futures was established as a provider to offer a quality more person-centred service, truly putting participants and their families at the heart of what we do. We also aim to be a preferred employer. Why? Because if we have happy staff this will ultimately provide a positive and consistent service delivery to our participants. No one wants a constant change of support staff!! 

We know that communication is key! Teamwork is essential and thinking outside the box to create opportunities is a must!! 

We strive to be the best and welcome every kind of feedback. 

Brighter Futures has been built from a Support Worker, working in the disability sector for the past 22 years both in the UK and here in Australia, seeing that there was a need for a more Boutique service, not focused on growth but focusing on getting it right! Although Kellie is the Director, she regularly goes hands-on and is always on hand for participants, staff and families. Brighter Futures culture is one of Family values, built on trust, respect and equality. 

We really could go on, however, take a look at our testimonials and if you would like to arrange a face-to-face meeting to see if we are the provider for you, please get in touch.


To empower participants to lead a fulfilled life by creating opportunities and support tailored  to each person needs and goals. 


To create a community that is inclusive built on trust, respect and equality. Where people  with a disability can live the life, they choose. 


Our commitment to inclusion and choice will be based on the following:

• Good communication  

• Respect and Equality 

• Trust, Honesty and Transparency  

• A Holistic approach  

• Resilience  

• Adaptable  

• Creative, innovative and ever-evolving

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