I chose Brighter Futures (QLD) as they are a more personable provider. They care about the matching of clients and will not put clients together until they prove compatible, which for us, meant having a cuppa, home trials and even a weekend away together. Brighter Futures (QLD) cares about their clients, nothing is too much trouble, and they are always available to speak to if the need arises. The carers are of a high calibre and care greatly for the clients. It is a small ‘boutique’ provider that gets to really know their clients, you’re not just a ’number’, you are treated like you are part of a big family. Birthdays are remembered and celebrated, social activities are organised for participants to get to know each other from other houses, plus families are included. It’s not just a house the clients live in. They make it a ‘home’. I recommend Brighter Futures (QLD) to anyone I come across that is looking for a provider, as I know they will do the best they can for the client, and I know that their client will always be safe. I honestly can’t think of anything that they could be doing better.

Participants Parent

Brighter Futures (QLD) is the support agency I chose to support my two young adults when they transitioned out of the family home and into Supported independent living accommodation.
Brighter futures (QLD) have been amazing! The staff they employ are kind and patient and have even taken on additional training to better their understanding of my children’s disabilities and behaviours.
The whole Brighter futures (QLD) team treat my children and their extended families like family. Our regular visits to their home are always welcoming.
I’m content in the knowledge that my children are being respected, cared for, and having all their needs met. My children and I have had two years with Brighter Futures (QLD), and they have been wonderful.

Participants Parent

Working with Brighter Futures (QLD) has been a real pleasure as a support coordinator. They have highly skilled staff who manage complex participants in a caring and compassionate manner, which is beautiful. The management team is approachable and always easy to contact. 

The team also liaise with allied health providers and implement strategies focused on the participant’s individual needs and interests to achieve the best possible outcome. At each step, I have been impressed with the team at Brighter Futures (QLD).  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a caring, passionate, and responsive SIL provider.

Support Coordinator

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